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Agricultural digital identity: « Agriconsent’s digital wallet simplifies digital relations on the farm

IN Groupe is a partner, along with Orange Business Services, in our co-innovation on agricultural digital identity. The latter is based on the « IN-Wallet » mobile application developed by IN Groupe.

What is IN Groupe’s expertise in digital identity?

Philippe Jung: At IN Groupe, we are convinced that identity is a fundamental right for everyone, and we therefore help to assert it in all areas, whether it be for citizens’ identity or professional identities.

The use of identity is evolving. At first, it was limited to physical control and associated with a physical title allowing the identification of its bearer by his or her photo. With the development of the digital world, the uses of identity are tending towards new needs, including the possibility of offering access to services for citizens or professionals. Among these new uses, we can list

  • Online authentication
  • Online identification
  • Digital signature with legal recognition
  • Sharing data or information about me

IN Groupe has a long tradition of excellence in the field of passports. Since 1538 with François I to the present day, the Imprimerie Nationale is the trusted operator and official supplier of the French State for all secure documents.

As an extension of its government documents and professional digital identity programmes, IN Groupe has been conducting research and development on digital identity schemes for the general public for several years. IN Groupe offers its clients a flexible digital identity that is easily accessible to all citizens or professionals. This digital identity is based on a secure mobile application « IN-Wallet », which provides citizens or professionals with a means of identification and a means of asserting their rights.

IN Groupe’s digital identity solution :

  • Guarantees citizens and professionals the greatest flexibility of use (PC or mobile)
  • Guarantees the highest level of security, allowing substantial and high-level eIDAS transactions (when associated with an identity document), which are essential for the widespread dematerialisation of services.
  • Is immediately deployable because it is compatible with the proposed system and thus immediately accessible to the greatest number, both in terms of deployment and ease of use.

How did the partnership between Agdatahub and IN Groupe come about and how is it organised?

IN Groupe began initial discussions with Agdatahub in the summer of 2021. The objective was then to set up a first POC (proof of concept) around a professional Wallet dedicated to farmers, the Agriconsent digital wallet, whose primary objectives were to:

  • Provide a professional identity allowing farmers to identify themselves online
  • To manage farmers’ consent to share their agricultural data

In order to meet the challenge of controlled and secure use of this data, Agdatahub, Orange Business Services and IN Groupe have jointly developed a decentralised digital identity system based on a blockchain infrastructure and hosted on a trusted cloud.

To carry out this project, IN Groupe set up a team of seven people, including mobile (Android / iOS) and back-end developers, UX/UI designers and testers/receivers. This team was organised according to Agile development methodologies in order to adapt to the needs of our client and partner, Agdatahub.

The result is the Agriconsent digital wallet, which simplifies the digital relations of the farm by allowing :

  • Identification of the farmer
  • Searching the R2A (register of agricultural assets) for the farmer as the rightful owner of a farm
  • Creation of the farmer’s and farm’s digital identity
  • The use of the farm identity to identify and manage the farmer’s consent to share farm data.

This wallet is fully in line with the concept of EU digital identity and the uses that could be associated with it. Indeed, the digital identity will be accessible to EU citizens, residents and businesses who wish to identify themselves or confirm certain personal information in an interoperable way in Europe.

This EU digital identity can be used for online and offline services, both public and private, across the EU and will make it easy and confidential to conduct online transactions or share information about myself, securely and confidentially. For example, proof of age or my right to drive or travel.

In this context, you will have a digital identity tomorrow as a citizen or as a professional in a sector of activity: this is where the agricultural digital identity we are proposing comes in.

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What will Agriconsent’s agricultural digital identity change for farmers on the one hand, and for AgriTech players on the other?

The objective of a digital identity is to offer its user to:

  • To be able to confirm through an enrolment process that the identity created corresponds to the person making the request and therefore to certify this identity
  • Be able to guarantee the security of my identity and the security of the information stored on my application via so-called cryptographic protection mechanisms
  • Give the user total control over his data (I decide what I want to share or not and to whom I share it)

The Agriconsent digital wallet will allow the creation of an agricultural digital identity based on a France Connect identity and the obtaining of digital credentials issued by the « Registres des Actifs Agricoles » platform.

This digital wallet will also enable the sharing with third-party partners of digital credentials containing information on the application owner (surname, first name), the legal entity (company name, Siret) and the rights linking the two (roles). It will enable the acceptance of data exchange consents from the « Consent Management System » to be managed.

The security of these data will be done by means of an embedded module allowing the user to keep his data and his cryptographic means of authentication in a secure manner within the application.

This digital wallet will bring many benefits to its users, farmers and digital service providers for farms:

  • Limiting the risks of identity fraud, exposure to phishing, cybercrime
  • Giving the farmer back control of his identity and data
  • Provide service providers and administrations with a simple way to authenticate a farm
  • To secure the link between a natural person and a legal entity
  • Exchange information certified by multiple sources: governmental, banks, certifiers, etc.
  • Carry out secure transactions in complete confidence

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